Treasure Planet

Here today, gone tomorrow

The crew began there journey being journeying to Uncle Yurgi’s shop on Nar Shaddaa. Zilvad, Yargle, and Samuel were picked up by Zann, while Juran made the journey in her starfighter. Sadie was unavailable as she was in the middle of a mission of her own. After arriving at Yurgi’s shop, the crew was presented with a mission to investigate and retrieve plans for advanced technology from the Clone Wars. Yurgi had purchased a map with the location of a secret Separatist production facility built towards the end of the Clone Wars. The crew agreed to the mission and Yurgi sent them to a starship dealer to purchase a starship of there own with money owed to Gorge before the Battle over Cloud City. When they arrived at the starship dealer he presented them with several options, most of which were in the YT line. There was one ship that fit the crews needs and provided them with the space and comfort they desired, with the exception of two refreshers so Yargle could have his own. The crew agreed to it and purchased the vessel with the money set aside for them. The salesman also offered them a special Czerka Corporation lifetime docking pass which the crew also purchased. After docking at the nearest Czerka Corporation port, Juran docked her starfighter on the newly acquired ship. The crew then set out for the planet with the secret production facility.

After four days of travel the crew arrived at the planet in an uninhabited system. The map said the facility was supposed to be on the fourth of the five planets, but after detecting no signs of a production facility they decided to investigate the other four planets. When the other four planets yielded no results the crew returned to the fourth planet and decided to take a closer look. The crew investigated several ravines searching for energy signatures but when that yielded no results, they began searching for cave openings. After finding one, they investigated it and quickly realized it was not a simple cave. A kilometer into the cave they came across a set of blast doors with a control panel next to it with no power. Samuel cut a hole in the door and which opened into another hallway. Part way down the hallway there were two rooms on either side. The left room contained hundreds of lockers while the other room contained many offices. Neither of the two rooms appeared to have been used as the offices were bare and the locker locks were not set. After continuing down the hallway the crew came to an open area containing manufacturing equipment and many droids which appeared to have been some of the builders of the facility, none of which appeared to have ever been used.

Further investigation of the facility led to the resources collection and refinery room along with what appeared to be the production design room. With no power to the facility they decided that someone would have to go and purchase a portable power generator. Juran agreed to go and purchase a portable power generator and left in her starfighter on the two journey. During that time Samuel and Zilvad spent day retrieving some of the droids that were in the facility. The next day they began searching the facility again and this time came across a sign with a symbol for power on it. The two followed the signs, eventually coming across a large cavern extending deep into the planet. In the middle of the cavern, extending up from the bottom, was a large metallic cylinder the two were sure was a link to the power core. Upon entering and investigating the cylinder, they noticed a flashing light with a button underneath it. Samuel promptly pushed the button, causing the facility to spring to life. The power readings on the displays showed incredible power output and many more cylinders like the one they were currently in. Zilvad attempted to shut down the facility again but lacked the required passcode.

When the two made their way back through the facility they returned to the ship and retrieved T3-M4. At this time, Juran returned from her journey to acquire the power droid to find vents on the planets surface where there were no vents before. After returning to what they thought was the design and planning room, T3-M4 began to hack into the computer to get the plans they needed for Yurgi. The crew was able to acquire the data they wanted, but as they were leaving a voice over the intercom began to question them on the state of the Separatists. After some responses from Zilvad and Samuel, the computer determined that the Separatists had lost the war and its security had been compromised. The computer began a countdown for a hyperspace jump at two hours. All but Samuel fled back to the ship, as Samuel had continued to try and question the facility. While Samuel waited a voice behind him told him he should run. When he turned around, Samuel was standing in front of a force ghost who was warning him to run. The force ghost informed Samuel that Samuel had inherited his legacy and it was his duty to stop the facility. Samuel finally decided to flee back to the ship where the crew promptly left the planet back to Yurgi’s.

After the four day journey back to Nar Shaddaa, the crew made there way to Yurgi’s shop. While walking to the ship, the crew could hear a lot more commotion than normal coming from the cantinas. While the rest went to Yurgi’s, Samuel went in to a cantina to see what the commotion was. There was a lot of talk about a single Mandalorian cruiser that returned from the Unknown Regions. Nothing was known about the situation other than that. There were a lot of rumors that Mandalore the protector was on the cruiser that returned and that he was not on the cruiser that returned. The rest of the crew went to Yurgi’s where they game him the information he had wanted. Yurgi informed them that he knew of the planet because it appeared in one of the systems a scout of his had been in and the scout had witnessed the destruction of an uninhabited planet from the hyperspace wake. After dealing with Yurgi, the crew returned to the ship where Yargle got the idea to pos wanted pictures looking for the captain. With the help of T3-M4, Yargle had posters made which he began to put up around Nar Shaddaa. After entering a cantina to put up a poster, he was offered a drink by a Twi’lek which Yargle drank and promptly spit out into the Twi’leks face. Not being happy with this,the Twi’lek and two Rodians he was with began to fight Yargle. During the fight, Juran tried to herd Yargle out of the cantina but the three attackers did not care and continued to beat the two of them. After getting Yargle out of the cantina, Yargle picked Juran up and set her aside. Having a clear attack at Yargle the three attackers proceeded to beat Yargle unconscious. After Yargle was unconscious, the three began to drag Yargle towards an alley. Juran had commed Zilvad for help but they were a couple of minutes away.

Before Yargle was drug into an alley, three Mandalorians noticed who they were and charged the three dragging Yargle. The lead Mandalorian ran the Twi’lek through with a Vibrosword, while the other two Mandalorians put their rifles to the Rodians heads, blowing a big hole in their heads. While some Nar Shaddaa security forces made their way towards the fight, the Mandalorians surrounded Yargle’s body prepared to fight off the security force. The security force told them that they would dispose of the bodies and left the Mandalorians alone. The Mandalorians explained to Juran that her and her party were protected in Mandalorian space and that they felt that liberty extended elsewhere also. Zilvad and Samuel arrived in time to deliver information on the Separatist production facility to the Mandalorians. The crew returned with Yargle to the ship where Zilvad continued to patch up Yargle. The crew then decided to go the Empire of the Hand so they could do some upgrades to the ship. After six days journey, the crew arrived at their destination and began to make upgrades to the ship.

TTT: 16 days


……………………………*The Big White Diary*……………………………

Considering this fight was basically Three versus One,(Cuz Juran is a monkey!) Yargle didn’t do too bad. I suppose botching three consecutive Strength rolls against a four foot 50lb bird creature wasn’t exactly helpful either.

Treasure Planet

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