The Hunter and the Huttlet

Huttlet hide and seek

The crew finished preparations to leave Nar Shaddaa in order to deliver the Huttlet to Mygeeto on the other side of the galaxy. With Samuel in better condition the crew was ready for there next adventure. The journey went well for the first four days, but during the break before there final hyperspace jump the Testudines began to rock violently. The order was given for everyone to strap in and the crew became aware that the Testudines was under attack. After a couple of minutes of fighting the Testudines was dead in the water. The captain ordered all but Samuel and Yargle to hide, hoping that Samuel could you his force powers on the the coming intruder or Yargle would be of some help in a fight.

The shipped rocked again as the emergency hatch was blown and a Gotal entered the ship. The intruder simply stated his name as Zahn and that he wanted the Huttlet and that everyone would be fine if the Huttlet was simply given to him. The captain and Samuel refused and Samuel began egging the bounty hunter on. After blowing off the bounty hunter and exposing Zilvad, the twins, and the Huttlets hiding place Zahn had enough and attacked. A few quick shots and Samuel was unconscious, while the Captain and Yargle moved in to attack. Zahn dispatched the captain and Yargle just as easily as he dispatched Samuel. The bounty hunter then returned his attention to Zilvad who was in possession of the Huttlet and the twins. Accepting Zilvads response that he couldn’t just hand over the Huttlet and the twins, Zahn told him to draw his blaster. As soon as the blaster was drawn, Zahn dispatched Zilvad as well. After a quick search of the ship to see if there were anything else of interest, Zahn left with his prizes. Sadie and Juran came out of hiding and began reviving the crew. After the crew was conscious again they began chase of the Zahn’s ship. The captain frantically tried to steal Zahn’s hyperspace coordinates before Zahn could enter Hyperspace.

After a couple of minutes of chase, five more ships entered sensor range. The configuration was unknown to the crew but a communication was sent from one of the starfighters. The person new of the Testudines as he asked about Captain Gorge. The commander offered assistance and began attacking Zahn’s ship by unleashing a salvo of torpedoes. Before the starfighters could disable Zahn’s ship he entered hyperspace. Luckily the captain was able to steal his hyperspace coordinates first. The crew and the starfighters landed on a nearby planet to repair the Testudines and get it hyperspace ready. The commander introduced himself as Biggs Darklighter and informed them the Imperials may be on their tail. After repairing the Testudines the crew and the starfighters left to join up with the devastated rebel fleet. Upon arriving at the fleet two days later, the crew could see two heavily damaged cruisers. The Testudines landed on one of the cruisers and the twins were dropped off. The crew was then given a couple of hours before the Testudines was ready to leave and recover the Huttlet and Yargle. Juran and Sadie quickly ran into Yargle though and Yargle was unable to tell them how he arrived at the Rebel fleet. Samuel and Zilvad went to the medical bay to help with treating the injured. Upon entering the medical bay they were immediately confronted with various horrific injuries as many had sever burns and lost limbs.

While leaving the medical bay Samuel was confronted by a cloaked individual who introduce himself as Luke Skywalker. Luke offered to train Samuel formally at the new school Luke was forming. Samuel declined and returned to the ship. Upon arriving back at the ship Samuel found a pyramidal device on his bed. After some investigation he was able to use the force to move pieces around and activate it. A hologram of his master appeared and Samuel quickly realized this was a holocron created by his master. The captain informed the crew that the Huttlet was taken to a Hutt on Mandalore. It took the crew a couple of days but upon arriving they decided to have Zilvad create a diversion by keeping the Hutt occupied while the captain and Sadie infiltrated the palace. When the crew entered the palace they realized this Hutt lived a lavish lifestyle with many expensive decorations adorning his throne room including banners and tapestries covering the walls. Zilvad brought his tapestry depicting the Ssi-Ruu symbols to barter for information. The Hutt no as Gaeda informed them that he knew of the species it belonged too and believed he had a similar tapestry in storage. After sending an attendant to recover the tapestry, food was brought out for the crew and Yargle was given a couch to lay on and be fed. Zilvad was presented with authentic Chiss food without request. While the rest of the crew was talking the the Hutt, the captain and Sadie were entering through the back. After knocking out a guard the captain asked Sadie to impersonate the guard, revealing that he knew what species she was.

The captain and Sadie were able to infiltrate the palace and find the room with the Huttlet in it. The Huttlet was guarded by to Mandalorians dressed in formal battle armor. The captain attempted to lure both guards away but only one followed. Sadie then attempted to talk her way passed the other but failed miserably. The guard gave chase to Sadie and after losing the guard Sadie returned to the Huttlet’s room to discover the Huttlet missing. The rest of the crew was presented with a tapestry similar to Zilvad’s but with a blue base color instead of red.and depicting a different symbol. After a price was listed the alarm went off and the crew left the palace. Yargle was allowed to keep a bowl of Frogs brought out for him. After arriving at the ship the captain and Sadie were not far behind the rest of the crew. The captain simply walked over to Yargle and plucked the Huttlet he had concealed in the bowl, and was relieved Yargle had not noticed it while in the palace. The crew then made the two day journey to Mygeeto to finally deliver the Huttlet.

Total travel time: 12 days


.................................The Big White Diary.................................

For a short while, Yargle thought that the Captain had abandoned him. Yargle somehow fell asleep, and then woke up in a strange new place with many new people walking about. In time however, Yargle located the bird lady, and everything was fine.

Yargle is very much beginning to like these large slug like creatures. They always seem to have food. Good food at that. These slug beasts definitely know how to live.

The Hunter and the Huttlet

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