The Great Gizka Adventure

The good, the bad, and the Gizka

Samuel Drinn, Juran, Sadie, and Zilvad arrive at Mos Eisley Spaceport to meet Captain Gorge and the Testudines at Docking Bay 82. While waiting for the ship to arrive the group was alerted that the ship Testudines was coming in hot. After the blast doors for the docking bay were shut a vessels trailing black smoke was seen landing in the docking bay. The group entered the docking bay to see Yargle exiting the ship. Upon seeing the players Yargle immediately boarded and approached Captain Gorge. Before the captain could realize his crew was already there Juran had already entered the ship and approached him. Angered that the young girl entered his ship without permission he made her leave so introductions could be made off the ship. After introductions the crew picked out their quarters. The captain had made a room out of one of the escape pods while Yargle was already bunked in the other escape pod as he had arrived on the ship earlier. Samuel Drinn and Zilvad bunked together in one room, while Juran and Sadie bunked together in another leaving one room empty.

After quarters were assigned they all gathered on the skiff so they could pick the cargo for their first mission. On the way to their destination the crew learned from the captain that the cargo was specially bred Square Gizka. While the crew loaded the Square Gizka, the captain went to take care of the paperwork. Yargle could not resist the smell of the Square Gizka and ate one of them alive, much to the disgust of the other crew members. After all the Gizka were loaded onto the skiff they returned to the ship and prepared to deliver the Square Gizka to a noble on Bothawui. During the trip further introductions were made at a special dinner. Juran, Sadie, and Zilvad familiarized themselves with the engines. It didn’t take long for the three to notice that one of the T3 droids took a special interest in them whenever they were around the engines. Juran learned after speaking the the droid that its name was T3-M4 and that it was making sure none of them harmed the engines. Zilvad noticed that although both T3 models looked old, T3-M4 looked especially old.

Upon ariving on Bothawui, the crew began to load the skiff with the Square Gizka crates when they noticed that there was a second empty crate. After determining that Yargle had not eaten another one, and that one had definitely escaped, the crew began searching for the escaped Gizka. The efforts of the force sensitive crew combined with T3-M4 thy were able to pinpoint the Gizka’s location to the reactor at the center of the ship. Upon removal of one of the plates the Gizka leaped out and tried to escape but was promptly shot by Zilvad. While Yargle ate the body, crew began to repair the dame done to the reactor. Captain Gorge made the delivery while the crew worked and returned with the bad news that they were stiffed on their payment and he only received 200 credits instead of 5000 credits.

Needing to make the trip worthwhile the captain decided to enter the nearby city to look for work. The crew went into the city with him and they all split up to explore the city. Yargle traveled with the captain while he searched for work. During that time Yargle’s stomach got the best of him and he ate some food from a vendor without paying. While Captain Gorge negotiated with the shop owner, two Bothan police officers arrived and began to interrogate Yargle. Too intimidated to actually arrest him they halfheartedly made an attempt to put binder cuffs on Yargle when he tried to offer them what was left of his food. Capain Gorge convinced the officers that the charges were being dropped. As the officers were leaving Yargle grabbed more food from the vendor and threw it in the direction of the officers. After gathering up the food the captain and Yargle continued looking for work only to discover that there was a bounty on a pair of young human force sensitive twins who murdered their parents.

While the crew was returning to the skiff to learn about their new mission, Zilvad and Sam felt presence of two force sensitive people and began to investigate. Ignoring the captains orders to return to the skiff for a mission briefing, Sam pursued the two individuals he had spotted. After following the two individuals through a small hole in a wall Zilvad and Sam encountered the two kids in a warehouse. Yargle reached the hole before the others and blocked the path when he got stuck. After some effort, Yargle was able to dislodge himself at the expense of some fur. After entering the warehouse the captain recognized the two children as the marks they were looking for and ordered their capture. While trying to escape up a ladder onto a walkway, Yargle ripped the ladder from the wall in an attempt to stop the twins progression. This was in vain as the twins were able to leap to the walkway. While Yargle was still holding the ladder, Juran gave chase up the ladder in the hopes of reaching the walkway. Yargle lost his hold on the ladder and Juran was saved by one of the twins using the force to rest the ladder against the walkway. With no where to go, the twins had little choice but to wait and see what course of action the crew of the Testudnes was going to do. Sam took issue with the capturing of the twins to collect a bounty, especially when the bounty was put up by the authorities. The captain explained that turning the twins over to the authorities was not the best course of action and that there was another bounty put up by the Rebel Alliance in secret.

Yargle with his large size was able to capture the twins while the crew explained to them that they were going to take them to a safe place. The twins went willingly with the crew on to the ship as they made their way to the rebel base on Yavin 4. During a change in the hyperspace course they learned that the hyperdrive was not working. Upon investigation the crew found that the wires had come loose when the Gizka had wedged itself in the reactor. A quick repair and the Testudines was on its way to Yavin 4. Upon reaching Yavin 4 the crew realized that there was more Gizka on board as Yargle pulled one out of the ventilation system to eat. After trying a few ideas to take care of the Gizka the crew took a break to investigate the Rebel base after learning there was no response from the base. After much investigation the crew found a symbol on a datapad that meant the Rebels had abandoned the base. They returned to the ship and attempted many more methods of getting rid of the Gizka only to give up and go with the captain’s suggestion of using Gizka Poison found on Tatooine. During the confusion of trying to rid the ship of the Gizka, Juran noticed an Albino Gizka running into her quarters and entering a trap she had made. The Gizka warmed up to her immediately and hid in her backpack.

Upon returning to Tatooine the captain acquired the poison. Not wanting to witness the violent end of the Gizka. After the Gizka were dead the crew returned to the ship and began to clean up all the blood and Gizka remains. Disgusted the crew learned that he poison may not have been the best option. T3-M4 was seen telling the captain it would not let the ship fly for two days after which a full ship diagnostic and repairs could be made after the Gizka wrecked havoc. The crew explored Mos Espa some more and Zilvad learned of two possible sources of income. One was to go to Jabba the Hutt for work, the other was to stop Tusken Raiders from terrorizing a moisture farm. After consulting the captain Zalvid learned that both jobs could be equally dangerous and that it was up to the crew to decide which course of action to take.

Total travel time: 10 days


Something tells me that if a particular Hutt lies in the crews future, then so does trouble. If memory serves me proper, then Mr. Jabba demands a certain sort of etiquette, which may or may not be difficult for one “special” member of the crew to follow. He means well, but….well yea.

The Great Gizka Adventure

We’ll cross that bridge if the crew comes to it. If anything it would show how far the others would go to protect a fellow crewman.

The Great Gizka Adventure

.................................The Big White Diary…...................................

Overall, Yargle feels the first week with his new tribe members went well. He is particularly fond of the bird lady(Juran), as she shows a strong enjoyment in fine foods, which Yargle respects. She just better not try to steal any of his special stash.

The strange blue colored man(Zilvad), also presented his kind nature by coming to his aid during a would be scuffle. Yargle did not want to hurt these men, only to locate the snow in this hellish desert land.

The other two new tribe members(Sam and Sadie), Yargle is not yet sure of. For whatever reason, they have chosen to evade Yagle, which upsets him. He hopes they are not secretly conspiring to oust him. Yargle loves his home. The Captain is his Spearmaster and he loves him too. Yargle feels a bit of seniority, and he will not go without a fight!

The Great Gizka Adventure

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