The End of an Era

After finishing up their stay on Hoth the crew decided to go to Nar Shaddaa to look for some more work. Upon arriving at Nar Shaddaa the captain went to look for work while the crew visited Yurgi’s shop. Samuel found Yurgi to be odd in his line of questioning. The crew was able to get work from Yurgi in the form of a delivery to Coruscant. Zilvad searched to find a suitable replacement body for one of the T3 droids that broke down during the trip to Nar Shaddaa. Zilvad was successful in his venture and returned to the crew. After the crew returned to the ship and the captain arrived they left for Coruscant. The captain urged the crew to avoid the shipment from Yurgi as his shipments could be anything and potentially deadly. Upon arriving at Coruscant they discovered that the shipment was to be delivered to an imperial garrison. The captain left alone with the shipment while the crew waited. While the captain was gone T3-M4 tried to leave and the crew decided to tag along with him. T3-M4 arrived at a shop and set up a delivery to the ship. After supplies were delivered to the Testudines and the captain returned, the crew prepared to set off.

Before leaving the captain paid the crew there cut of the money and the crew figured out that they probably didn’t do something good. The crew left for Nar Shaddaa so Zilvad could get information on the Ssi-Ruu from Gaeda the Hutt. The talk with Gaeda the Hutt started off tense as Gaeda told them he knew they were involved in the theft of the Huttlet from his palace, and also revealed that the Huttlet is his and Zenna’s younger sibling and the heir to their organizations fortune. Zilvad was able to acquire the information he was looking for and they left Gaeda’s palace only to be followed by the bounty hunter Zahn. Zahn followed the crew all the way to a diner where he propositioned them to go to Cloud City and acquire a droid companion of his. He offered to pay well, but would pay even better if they found a way to free cloud city. The crew accepted and returned to the ship where they told the captain of what they were doing. The crew made the journey to cloud city and Samuel led Sadie through some more lightsaber training. During the trip, Samuel was visited through the force during a meditation session. A young boy appeared to him and question his and the galaxies resistance to the Ssi-Ruu. The boy introduced himself as Dev Sibwarra and explained that the Ssi-Ruu were there to liberate the galaxy from their painful lives. Entechment was a process that would remove all sadness and pain from those who went through it. Samuel argued with the boy and eventually the boy got angry and told them they had no choice in the matter and the vision ended. After the vision Samuel and Zilvad began formulating a plan to not only free cloud city but pull together an army to stop the Ssi-Ruu. After contacting Gaeda the Hutt and making a deal with him for a sizable amount of money to hire mercenaries, Zilvad contacted some people he knew and made arrangements for more support.

When the crew arrived at Cloud City they split into two groups. Sadie and Juran went searching for the IG series robot the others went to negotiate with the acting governor of the mining colony. Sadie and Juran managed to find the IG series robot easily in one of the recycling facilities. When the others sat down for the meeting the exchange was very strange in the governor stated arrangements had already been made and that his forces would be gone from Bespin shortly. After the governor and his forces left, the crew regrouped in the halls of cloud city. Shortly after alarms started to go off and evacuation orders were given. By the time the crew arrived at the landing dock the Testudines was located, the landing dock was swarmed with Ssi-Ruu. The captain could be seen on the ramp of the Testudines fighting off the swarm of Ssi-Ruu, but the crew was stunned before they could act.

The crew woke up secured to a wall with gags in their mouths and Dev Sibwarra standing in front of them. Once again he asked why people continued to resist the Ssi-Ruu. Before the exchange went on for long, the door behind Dev opened and Dev fell to the floor. Zahn walked through the doorway and released the crew, explaining to them that the captain paid him well to get them out of there. The crew followed him out into the hallways and began there escape. As they ran down the hall, Zahn covered their escape. They came to a T intersection where the captain was holding off a wall of Ssi-Ruu down one hallway. The captain told Zahn to make sure they escaped and then asked Zilvad to keep Yargle safe. The crew continued down the hallway to another T intersection, the captain still stuck at the wall of Ssi-Ruu. As they turned down the way Zahn told them to go more Ssi-Ruu came down from the opposite hallway blocking the captain’s escape. Upon arriving at the landing bay Zahn’s ship would be seen in the center surrounded by Mandalorian commandos holding a perimeter around Zahn’s ship keeping the Ssi-Ruu at bay. The crew managed to fight there way to the ship and after all the commandos made it on board they took off. After exiting the landing bay and entering space the crew could see two fleets engaging the Ssi-Ruu. One fleet was an Imperial fleet and the other was a Mandalorian fleet. Sahn told the crew that a Bobba Fett took on the title Mandalore and united the twelve major Mandalorian clans again. The Testudines could also be seen in combat with the small starfighters. One of the escape pods was launched just before the Testudines was blown up. After Zahn’s ship was clear from the fighting the Mandalorian fleet and the Imperial fleet moved in to eliminate the Ssi-Ruu. Before the cruisers could fully engage, the Ssi-Ruu fleet escaped into hyperspace.

Their time together on the ship may have been short, but it had become home. With the Testudines gone, a part of their lives was over. After picking up the escape pod and reuniting with T3-M4 and Birdy the crew set off.

TTT: 14 days


……………………………The Big White Diary……………………………

A certain 500lb fur ball is very distraught over the loss of the Captain. However, he feels in his heart that Gorge is still alive. Yargle has decided that he must discover the truth revolving around absence of Captain Gorge, regardless how long it takes. He must find him.

The End of an Era

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