Tale of the Smelly Stormtroopers
Yargle in the Kitchen :*(

With little to do in the galaxy, the crew decided to take care of some old business and head to Endor to investigate the second Death Star. Upon arriving at Endor, the crew was witnessed a battle between the Galactic Empire and the Ssi-Ruu who had taken over the Death Star. While monitoring the battle the crew heard communications from the empire indicating the battle had been going on for a while. The crew decided to continue with the mission the rebels had originally tried, and destroy the shield generator. After contacting Princess Leia, the crew went to Sullust to acquire some explosives to blow up the shield generator. After returning with the explosives the crew landed the vessel on Endor and the crew made their journey to the shield generator. While standing on a hill overlooking the shield generator arguing, they were confronted by ten stormtroopers. The stormtrooper commander and Samuel argued for a bit and then the stormtrooper commander made the offer to assist them in exchange for transportation to the Empire of the Hand. The crew and the Stormtroopers formulated a plan to get past the Ssi-Ruu battle droids and blow up the facility. While approaching the rear entrance to the facility the battledroids were alerted and the stromtroopers stayed behind to defend the exit point. The crew entered the shield generator and encountered some more battle droids. During the combat T3-M4 placed explosives and after the battle was over the crew left the facility and with the remaining Stormtroopers, boarded the ship and left the forest moon of Endor. With the shield down the Empire made a push towards the Death Star only to be fired on by the super weapon causing the fleet to retreat.

After returning Bakura the crew took on several jobs. Upon arriving back at the ship the crew was confronted by Zahn and twenty bounty hunters. Zahn revealed to the crew that he was hired to bring them in after they leaked information about Point Nadir and ruining a lot of peoples business, including Zahn’s. The crew were confined to quarters while in transit, Yargle being the only one allowed to roam the ship. Yargle took the opportunity to try and cook some of his own food only to create a ruckus in the kitchen. After arriving at their destination, the crew was lead off the ship to holding cells only to notice that Juran was not with them.

TTT: 10 days

Noble loss
Noble action

The crew having decided to start to do good in the galaxy on a larger scale they sought out some nobles on Bakura in the hopes of gaining contacts for honest work. The nobles they spoke to were looking to get a family heirloom back. The nobles gave them the name of the person who had stolen the item along with a picture of them. The nobles cared little about what happened to the thief they just wanted their heirloom back. After some research the crew determined that the thief, named Wald, frequent a very hard to find shadowport named Point Nadir. The crew decided that this mission would not be worth the effort put into it so they returned to the nobles and informed them that without seeing security footage of the robbery they would not be able to solve the crime. The nobles refused to provide the security footage but purchased the name of the shadowport from the crew and the crew left the nobles home.

Without that little bit of work to do, the crew had to search elsewhere for work. They went to one of the main spaceports involving traffic in and out of the Unknown Regions and found some cargo missions to deliver cargo to the Planet Adumar. After dropping off the cargo they picked up more cargo to be delivered to Bakura. The crew was mainly transporting spices and cultural items. They picked up a rather large shipping of Blastswords to be delivered also. Upon returning and dropping off all their cargo and discovering that the blastswords were to be delivered to the Mandalorians. After all the cargo was delivered they began to search for more work which led to the discovery of the nobles death. The crew decided to investigate the couple’s death and went to their home. Upon arriving they found the house completely barren. During their searching Yargle discovered the scent of a blood trail. The trail took Yargle into the backyard where he proceded to dig and find a datapad with the words Comet Rush 9376. The crew determined that this was the location of Point Nadir and that the couple was murdered for that knowledge. After some work, T3-M4 was able to determine the location of the comet which they promptly passed that information to the Mandalorians, Empire of the Hand, Galactic Empire, and every Hutt clan they ever met. Shortly after sending the information, the Mandalorian cruiser above Bakura left the system.

TTT: 30 days

The beginning of the end.
The fall of the Ssi-Ruu?

After several hours of waiting, a large ship entered the Maw Cluster. After some communications the crew boarded the Ssi-Ruu vessel and split up. Some of the crew members went to the meeting room to speak with Dev and Bluescale while Sadie and Absus went to the engineering room to try and figure out how to sabotage the vessel. Sadie’s journey down to the engineering room was marked by surprise that they encountered no one on the way down. The crew that followed a small lizard creature to the meeting room were met by Bluescale, a large blue Ssi-Ruu, and Dev who was attached to a chair like structure sticking out of the wall. The talks with Dev were to negotiate how the crew was going to proselytize entechment to the galaxy. The crew met back up on their ship to discuss what they had discovered. A plan was formulated on how to take down Dev and Bluescale and destroy the ship. Sadie and Juran went to the engineering room with T3-M4, while the rest, with the exception of Yargle went to the meeting room. While in the engineering room, T3-M4 was able to slice into the computer and program the ship to fly into one of the black holes. The crew that went to the meeting room talked with Dev for a while until Dachev made the first move. Dachev made an attempt to rip Dev from his emplacement, but was stopped as pain racked his body and he began to feel drained. Sensing this Absus breached Dev’s mind causing Dev’s focus to be diverted. With Dev and Absus battling minds, Dachev was able to remove Dev from his emplacement and the battle ensued. While the crew was split up, Yargle was left to his own devices. Wandering the enemy vessel, Yargle felt an odd urge to go in a certain direction. Yargle was sure there was food this way and continued following his gut. Upon arriving in a room, the urge disappeared. While in the room, Yargle began scrounging for food, but was disappointing when all he found were the hard tasteless machines the other tribe members used on a regular basis. To Yargle’s amazement one of the objects was a picture of his captain. Excited he took the picture with him back to his room and had one of the metal men hang it on the wall of his room. The crew was able to defeat Dev and Bluescale but not before Bluescale detonated a bomb nearly killing Dachev if it were not for the medical intervention of Zilvad. While heading back to their ship the crew noticed that Absus was not with them. Upon returning to the meeting room, Absus’ body was found slumped under the table. With no marks on his body the crew could only assume he was enteched. With everyone back on the ship they began there departure. Outside of the vessel, Rogue Squadron was holding off a small Ssi-Ruu force, which jumped out of the system as soon as the main ship entered the black hole.

With their small lizard captive on board the crew made their way to Bakura to turn the Lizard over to the Empire of the Hand. During the travel the crew interacted with the Lizard and upon there arrival at Bakura, Samuel’s protocol droid informed his master that the little lizard is a P’w’eck and they are a slave species to the Ssi-Ruu and that he is grateful for the crew rescuing him.

TTT: 6 days

I Ssi-Ruu 2
They're back

It did not take the crew long to determine that no course of action on the planet would help them find out who the fifth person was and were the Holocron was taken. The crew decided to return to Nar Shaddaa and inform Yurgi of their findings. Yurgi was not alarmed at the slightest of the events that occurred at his amusement park. Yurgi paid the group and then appeared worried at the fact that Zann turned the four captured force users over to the empire. The crew returned to there ship and Samuel sent the Hutt captain out to get them a mission. The rest of the crew was not happy at the concept of the Hutt going out and looking for the job for security reasons. While the Hutt was away there was a ruckus outside of the ship. Upon investigating the ruckus the crew saw three Imperial Inquisitors and about fifty Stormtroopers. After the crew realized the Stormtroopers were heading in the direction of Yurgi’s shop some of them went out to investigate. The Stormtroopers had stopped outside of the shop and formed a perimeter. After hacking into the imperial frequency the crew was able to hear loud screaming followed by a flaming body being thrown from the shop. A large humanoid fire creature walked out of the shop and began attacking the Stormtroopers. After bombers destroyed the shop and the buildings around it the citizens began to return to the area. Some of the crew stayed behind for the cleanup efforts while the others returned to the ship.

Back at the ship the Hutt had returned with another mission for the crew. The mission was to deliver repulsorlifts to Bakura. Not happy at the concept of potentially smuggling contraband the crew begrudgingly accepted his offer. The crew got ready to leave for Bakura and after a long trip arrived to hear news of the Second Ssi-Ruu invasion. The crew landed and began unloading their cargo. While the cargo was being unloaded, part of the Ssi-Ruu fleet arrived above Bakura. The crew finished unloading there supplies and began to take on refugees. Those that were force sensitive felt a strong force presence about a kilometer away from the ship. While the refugees were still being loaded up, Ssi-Ruu starfighters began attacking ships trying to leave the planet. While leaving the crew could see several landing craft heading in the direction they felt the force presence. The crew managed to escape Bakura, before leaving four large Mandalorian ships entered the system and began attacking the Ssi-Ruu fleet. The crew plotted a course for Cerea and made the hyperspace jump. After arriving at Cerea and unloading the refugees they received news that Ssi-Ruu invasion fleet had retreated. Some of the refugees returned to Bakura othes spread out to other areas of the galaxy.

The crew returned to Bakura so that Zilvad could talk to hire ups in the Empire of the Hand. While Zilvad was off to talk to his contacts, Yargle, Sadie, and Juran went hunting in the north pole of Bakura. They encountered two creatures in a cave that attacked them and the three managed to kill them. Upon entering further into the cave they discovered two smaller creatures that appeared to be young of the two larger creatures they killed.

TTT: 9days

Pleasure Planet
Where all your childhood fantasies are consumed.

After finishing upgrades to their ship, the crew recieved a message from Yurgi asking them to return to Nar Shaddaa for another job. When they returned to Nar Shaddaa and spoke to Yurgi they were given an offer to discover what was “haunting” his pleasure planet. The crew was also told to find one of his employees he already sent there to investigate but he never heard from. The crew accepted and left the shop. As the crew was heading back to the ship they noticed that all of Yargle’s fliers looking for information on Captain Gorge had been put up in places Yargle hadn’t placed them. Samuel remembered something he meant to do and went back to Yurgi to ask where he could hire someone to play the part of their captain. Yurgi gave him an address and Sam went there to find a struggling Hutt performing a play to no one in the audience. Sam hired the Hutt who returned to the ship with him.

The crew left for the Pleasure Planet and arrived to find it completely empty of customers. After exiting the ship the crew was greeted by the other person Yurgi sent. He briefed them on what he found out and they went into the park to investigate. While investigating A rest area the crew discovered a dead body in the male employee changing room. After some investigation the crew was able to discover some discrepancies in the the census numbers for the park a couple of days before the the park shut down. The crew was also able to pinpoint several badges that had entered areas but not any others about the same time. The crew went to investigate a museum on the Sith war and were attacked by 3 crystal beast. After defeating them the crew found T3-M4 wandering looking sad and nostalgic. Some of the crew decided to go and investigate one of the wildlife exhibits while they others went to a security station. While at the security station Zilvad attempted to shut down all badges and create new ones. He was able to shut down all badges but was unable to create new badges so the rest of the crew was locked in the exhibit. Zilvad contacted Yurgi who authorized the creation of badges for them. Zilvad returned to the exhibit with the rest of the crew and there investigation continued.

While in the wildlife exhibit the crew encountered an individual hiding in the brush and began chase. While combating the person Samuel was able to hold him in the force as they pulled back the cloak to reveal a Twi’lek. The Twi’lek escaped and ran again, this time displaying force ability to get away. After realizing they were outmatched by a force user, Sadie remembered a conversation with Zann about him hunting force users and they contacted him. Zann had followed them to the planet expecting the problem to be with a force user. Zann landed through the security defense network and tracked the force user. The fight ended quickly with Zann the victor. Zann bound the force user and the crew gave him the locations of five other badges that might indicate others. Zann went to the other areas while the crew returned to their ship. After a short period Zann returned with three more people bound like the first and reported that the fifth was a dead security guard. Zann then left planet while the crew decided to stay and investigate further.

Treasure Planet
Here today, gone tomorrow

The crew began there journey being journeying to Uncle Yurgi’s shop on Nar Shaddaa. Zilvad, Yargle, and Samuel were picked up by Zann, while Juran made the journey in her starfighter. Sadie was unavailable as she was in the middle of a mission of her own. After arriving at Yurgi’s shop, the crew was presented with a mission to investigate and retrieve plans for advanced technology from the Clone Wars. Yurgi had purchased a map with the location of a secret Separatist production facility built towards the end of the Clone Wars. The crew agreed to the mission and Yurgi sent them to a starship dealer to purchase a starship of there own with money owed to Gorge before the Battle over Cloud City. When they arrived at the starship dealer he presented them with several options, most of which were in the YT line. There was one ship that fit the crews needs and provided them with the space and comfort they desired, with the exception of two refreshers so Yargle could have his own. The crew agreed to it and purchased the vessel with the money set aside for them. The salesman also offered them a special Czerka Corporation lifetime docking pass which the crew also purchased. After docking at the nearest Czerka Corporation port, Juran docked her starfighter on the newly acquired ship. The crew then set out for the planet with the secret production facility.

After four days of travel the crew arrived at the planet in an uninhabited system. The map said the facility was supposed to be on the fourth of the five planets, but after detecting no signs of a production facility they decided to investigate the other four planets. When the other four planets yielded no results the crew returned to the fourth planet and decided to take a closer look. The crew investigated several ravines searching for energy signatures but when that yielded no results, they began searching for cave openings. After finding one, they investigated it and quickly realized it was not a simple cave. A kilometer into the cave they came across a set of blast doors with a control panel next to it with no power. Samuel cut a hole in the door and which opened into another hallway. Part way down the hallway there were two rooms on either side. The left room contained hundreds of lockers while the other room contained many offices. Neither of the two rooms appeared to have been used as the offices were bare and the locker locks were not set. After continuing down the hallway the crew came to an open area containing manufacturing equipment and many droids which appeared to have been some of the builders of the facility, none of which appeared to have ever been used.

Further investigation of the facility led to the resources collection and refinery room along with what appeared to be the production design room. With no power to the facility they decided that someone would have to go and purchase a portable power generator. Juran agreed to go and purchase a portable power generator and left in her starfighter on the two journey. During that time Samuel and Zilvad spent day retrieving some of the droids that were in the facility. The next day they began searching the facility again and this time came across a sign with a symbol for power on it. The two followed the signs, eventually coming across a large cavern extending deep into the planet. In the middle of the cavern, extending up from the bottom, was a large metallic cylinder the two were sure was a link to the power core. Upon entering and investigating the cylinder, they noticed a flashing light with a button underneath it. Samuel promptly pushed the button, causing the facility to spring to life. The power readings on the displays showed incredible power output and many more cylinders like the one they were currently in. Zilvad attempted to shut down the facility again but lacked the required passcode.

When the two made their way back through the facility they returned to the ship and retrieved T3-M4. At this time, Juran returned from her journey to acquire the power droid to find vents on the planets surface where there were no vents before. After returning to what they thought was the design and planning room, T3-M4 began to hack into the computer to get the plans they needed for Yurgi. The crew was able to acquire the data they wanted, but as they were leaving a voice over the intercom began to question them on the state of the Separatists. After some responses from Zilvad and Samuel, the computer determined that the Separatists had lost the war and its security had been compromised. The computer began a countdown for a hyperspace jump at two hours. All but Samuel fled back to the ship, as Samuel had continued to try and question the facility. While Samuel waited a voice behind him told him he should run. When he turned around, Samuel was standing in front of a force ghost who was warning him to run. The force ghost informed Samuel that Samuel had inherited his legacy and it was his duty to stop the facility. Samuel finally decided to flee back to the ship where the crew promptly left the planet back to Yurgi’s.

After the four day journey back to Nar Shaddaa, the crew made there way to Yurgi’s shop. While walking to the ship, the crew could hear a lot more commotion than normal coming from the cantinas. While the rest went to Yurgi’s, Samuel went in to a cantina to see what the commotion was. There was a lot of talk about a single Mandalorian cruiser that returned from the Unknown Regions. Nothing was known about the situation other than that. There were a lot of rumors that Mandalore the protector was on the cruiser that returned and that he was not on the cruiser that returned. The rest of the crew went to Yurgi’s where they game him the information he had wanted. Yurgi informed them that he knew of the planet because it appeared in one of the systems a scout of his had been in and the scout had witnessed the destruction of an uninhabited planet from the hyperspace wake. After dealing with Yurgi, the crew returned to the ship where Yargle got the idea to pos wanted pictures looking for the captain. With the help of T3-M4, Yargle had posters made which he began to put up around Nar Shaddaa. After entering a cantina to put up a poster, he was offered a drink by a Twi’lek which Yargle drank and promptly spit out into the Twi’leks face. Not being happy with this,the Twi’lek and two Rodians he was with began to fight Yargle. During the fight, Juran tried to herd Yargle out of the cantina but the three attackers did not care and continued to beat the two of them. After getting Yargle out of the cantina, Yargle picked Juran up and set her aside. Having a clear attack at Yargle the three attackers proceeded to beat Yargle unconscious. After Yargle was unconscious, the three began to drag Yargle towards an alley. Juran had commed Zilvad for help but they were a couple of minutes away.

Before Yargle was drug into an alley, three Mandalorians noticed who they were and charged the three dragging Yargle. The lead Mandalorian ran the Twi’lek through with a Vibrosword, while the other two Mandalorians put their rifles to the Rodians heads, blowing a big hole in their heads. While some Nar Shaddaa security forces made their way towards the fight, the Mandalorians surrounded Yargle’s body prepared to fight off the security force. The security force told them that they would dispose of the bodies and left the Mandalorians alone. The Mandalorians explained to Juran that her and her party were protected in Mandalorian space and that they felt that liberty extended elsewhere also. Zilvad and Samuel arrived in time to deliver information on the Separatist production facility to the Mandalorians. The crew returned with Yargle to the ship where Zilvad continued to patch up Yargle. The crew then decided to go the Empire of the Hand so they could do some upgrades to the ship. After six days journey, the crew arrived at their destination and began to make upgrades to the ship.

TTT: 16 days

The End of an Era

After finishing up their stay on Hoth the crew decided to go to Nar Shaddaa to look for some more work. Upon arriving at Nar Shaddaa the captain went to look for work while the crew visited Yurgi’s shop. Samuel found Yurgi to be odd in his line of questioning. The crew was able to get work from Yurgi in the form of a delivery to Coruscant. Zilvad searched to find a suitable replacement body for one of the T3 droids that broke down during the trip to Nar Shaddaa. Zilvad was successful in his venture and returned to the crew. After the crew returned to the ship and the captain arrived they left for Coruscant. The captain urged the crew to avoid the shipment from Yurgi as his shipments could be anything and potentially deadly. Upon arriving at Coruscant they discovered that the shipment was to be delivered to an imperial garrison. The captain left alone with the shipment while the crew waited. While the captain was gone T3-M4 tried to leave and the crew decided to tag along with him. T3-M4 arrived at a shop and set up a delivery to the ship. After supplies were delivered to the Testudines and the captain returned, the crew prepared to set off.

Before leaving the captain paid the crew there cut of the money and the crew figured out that they probably didn’t do something good. The crew left for Nar Shaddaa so Zilvad could get information on the Ssi-Ruu from Gaeda the Hutt. The talk with Gaeda the Hutt started off tense as Gaeda told them he knew they were involved in the theft of the Huttlet from his palace, and also revealed that the Huttlet is his and Zenna’s younger sibling and the heir to their organizations fortune. Zilvad was able to acquire the information he was looking for and they left Gaeda’s palace only to be followed by the bounty hunter Zahn. Zahn followed the crew all the way to a diner where he propositioned them to go to Cloud City and acquire a droid companion of his. He offered to pay well, but would pay even better if they found a way to free cloud city. The crew accepted and returned to the ship where they told the captain of what they were doing. The crew made the journey to cloud city and Samuel led Sadie through some more lightsaber training. During the trip, Samuel was visited through the force during a meditation session. A young boy appeared to him and question his and the galaxies resistance to the Ssi-Ruu. The boy introduced himself as Dev Sibwarra and explained that the Ssi-Ruu were there to liberate the galaxy from their painful lives. Entechment was a process that would remove all sadness and pain from those who went through it. Samuel argued with the boy and eventually the boy got angry and told them they had no choice in the matter and the vision ended. After the vision Samuel and Zilvad began formulating a plan to not only free cloud city but pull together an army to stop the Ssi-Ruu. After contacting Gaeda the Hutt and making a deal with him for a sizable amount of money to hire mercenaries, Zilvad contacted some people he knew and made arrangements for more support.

When the crew arrived at Cloud City they split into two groups. Sadie and Juran went searching for the IG series robot the others went to negotiate with the acting governor of the mining colony. Sadie and Juran managed to find the IG series robot easily in one of the recycling facilities. When the others sat down for the meeting the exchange was very strange in the governor stated arrangements had already been made and that his forces would be gone from Bespin shortly. After the governor and his forces left, the crew regrouped in the halls of cloud city. Shortly after alarms started to go off and evacuation orders were given. By the time the crew arrived at the landing dock the Testudines was located, the landing dock was swarmed with Ssi-Ruu. The captain could be seen on the ramp of the Testudines fighting off the swarm of Ssi-Ruu, but the crew was stunned before they could act.

The crew woke up secured to a wall with gags in their mouths and Dev Sibwarra standing in front of them. Once again he asked why people continued to resist the Ssi-Ruu. Before the exchange went on for long, the door behind Dev opened and Dev fell to the floor. Zahn walked through the doorway and released the crew, explaining to them that the captain paid him well to get them out of there. The crew followed him out into the hallways and began there escape. As they ran down the hall, Zahn covered their escape. They came to a T intersection where the captain was holding off a wall of Ssi-Ruu down one hallway. The captain told Zahn to make sure they escaped and then asked Zilvad to keep Yargle safe. The crew continued down the hallway to another T intersection, the captain still stuck at the wall of Ssi-Ruu. As they turned down the way Zahn told them to go more Ssi-Ruu came down from the opposite hallway blocking the captain’s escape. Upon arriving at the landing bay Zahn’s ship would be seen in the center surrounded by Mandalorian commandos holding a perimeter around Zahn’s ship keeping the Ssi-Ruu at bay. The crew managed to fight there way to the ship and after all the commandos made it on board they took off. After exiting the landing bay and entering space the crew could see two fleets engaging the Ssi-Ruu. One fleet was an Imperial fleet and the other was a Mandalorian fleet. Sahn told the crew that a Bobba Fett took on the title Mandalore and united the twelve major Mandalorian clans again. The Testudines could also be seen in combat with the small starfighters. One of the escape pods was launched just before the Testudines was blown up. After Zahn’s ship was clear from the fighting the Mandalorian fleet and the Imperial fleet moved in to eliminate the Ssi-Ruu. Before the cruisers could fully engage, the Ssi-Ruu fleet escaped into hyperspace.

Their time together on the ship may have been short, but it had become home. With the Testudines gone, a part of their lives was over. After picking up the escape pod and reuniting with T3-M4 and Birdy the crew set off.

TTT: 14 days

There Goes the Galaxy
I Ssi-Ruu

After landing on Mygeeto the crew was apporached by a couple of armed men that wanted to take the captain with them to see Zenna. The crew proceeded to take the Huttlet to its destination and went outside the city to a large factory. Inside the factory was yet another Hutt who payed them and sent them on there way. Upon returning to the ship they found that the captain had not returned yet and that after tracing his comlink signal they tracked him to a warehouse deep in the city. Sadie was sent in to infiltrate the warehouse and see what they were dealing with. While searching around the building a Heavy Repeater was pushed into her back and she was taken inside. When she arrived inside she could see the captain uncounscious and tied up in the center of the building. Also in the building were Zenna, surrounded by a couple of servents and a large Rancor sitting along another wall wearing a fine silk vest and fine jewelry around its neck and on all its fingers while holding a large fork and spoon with a large stew pot in front of it. After unsuccessfully convincing the Hutt that she was not sneaking around the building Sadie insulted the hut and was thrown in the stew pot. At this point Zilvad and Samuel went to investigate her long dissappearance and a short escape message sent to Zilvad through the force. The two walked into the warehouse with no problems and spoke with Zenna. Zenna had no problems releasing the captain and Zilvad helped him back to the ship. Samuel also used the force to knock over the stew pot successfully releasing Sadie who was disguised as someone else. Samuel was then responsible for replacing the Rancors meal and was sent to find him something more delicious. Samuel found a meat processing plant and managed to buy some Bantha meat. After returning and telling Zenna what he had procurred for his pet Zenna was not impressed. After Samuel told Zenna that a Bantha had severly injured him, Zennas interest peak at the prospect of a revenge dish. A cold plate was brought out and used to chill the meat for the revenge dish so Zenn, Jambi the Rancor, Samuel, and Juran ate the revenge dish. They were let go and upon returning to the ship Juran and Samuel became sick. After some questioning the crew managed to get Sadie to admit that she was a clawdite with little reaction from the crew.

The crew then waited for materials for upgrades and a supply of Durasteel to arrive for there next job. The crew spent seven days in Hyperspace until they arrived at there next destination fo Bakura. After exiting hyperspace the crew found themselves on the outer edge fo a space battle between imperials and an unknown group. Before they could enter hyperspace, they were attacked by several small pyrimidal ships that they could sense human life in them despite the small size of the ships. During the firefight they managed to disable one and bring it aboard the ship and reenter hyperspace. During there two day journey through hyperspace the crew investigated the small vessel more. They managed to locate the human life force energy to two rods and discover that the rods acted as a power source. After reaching out to one of the human presences in the force, Zilvad was overwhelmed with a sense of pain and sadness. Writing on the vessel let Zilvad know that the race that was attacking Bakura were the Ssi-Ruu, a race that his people had been searching for. Towars the end of the trip Sadie removed the two rods causing the twon human presences to die.

After exiting hyperspace they found themselves int he presence of a large battlestation and were caught in a tractor beam. After ejecting the cargo and hiding they were brought on board the space station. While two stormtroopers were investigating the ship Yargle let out a large belch scaring them and then proceeded to brake down his door. The crew were able to knock the two stormtroopers out and then lure the two guards on to the ship giving them enough suits for disguises. They split up with one group going to shut off the tractor beam while another group went to one of the detention blocks to rescue an unamed rebel prisoner. After successfully getting Yargle to the detention block they knocked out the guards and rescued the rebel who turned out to be Princess Leia. The other group successfully shut off the tractor beam and they all returned to the ship and escaped the second Death Star. Right before entering hyperspace a large Imperial fleet exited hyperspace. After two days journey they arrived at Exocron so Zilvad could meet with an old friend and pass on the data they had acquired about the Ssi-Ruu. Jorj Car’das said he would take the information to the Chiss Ascendency but it would take about a month for him to arrive. The crew then left and went to Hoth were they were going to meet up with rebels to return Princess Leia. On Hoth Yargle was finally happy with the climate and enjoyed the week they waited for the rebels to show up.

TTT: 13 days

The Hunter and the Huttlet
Huttlet hide and seek

The crew finished preparations to leave Nar Shaddaa in order to deliver the Huttlet to Mygeeto on the other side of the galaxy. With Samuel in better condition the crew was ready for there next adventure. The journey went well for the first four days, but during the break before there final hyperspace jump the Testudines began to rock violently. The order was given for everyone to strap in and the crew became aware that the Testudines was under attack. After a couple of minutes of fighting the Testudines was dead in the water. The captain ordered all but Samuel and Yargle to hide, hoping that Samuel could you his force powers on the the coming intruder or Yargle would be of some help in a fight.

The shipped rocked again as the emergency hatch was blown and a Gotal entered the ship. The intruder simply stated his name as Zahn and that he wanted the Huttlet and that everyone would be fine if the Huttlet was simply given to him. The captain and Samuel refused and Samuel began egging the bounty hunter on. After blowing off the bounty hunter and exposing Zilvad, the twins, and the Huttlets hiding place Zahn had enough and attacked. A few quick shots and Samuel was unconscious, while the Captain and Yargle moved in to attack. Zahn dispatched the captain and Yargle just as easily as he dispatched Samuel. The bounty hunter then returned his attention to Zilvad who was in possession of the Huttlet and the twins. Accepting Zilvads response that he couldn’t just hand over the Huttlet and the twins, Zahn told him to draw his blaster. As soon as the blaster was drawn, Zahn dispatched Zilvad as well. After a quick search of the ship to see if there were anything else of interest, Zahn left with his prizes. Sadie and Juran came out of hiding and began reviving the crew. After the crew was conscious again they began chase of the Zahn’s ship. The captain frantically tried to steal Zahn’s hyperspace coordinates before Zahn could enter Hyperspace.

After a couple of minutes of chase, five more ships entered sensor range. The configuration was unknown to the crew but a communication was sent from one of the starfighters. The person new of the Testudines as he asked about Captain Gorge. The commander offered assistance and began attacking Zahn’s ship by unleashing a salvo of torpedoes. Before the starfighters could disable Zahn’s ship he entered hyperspace. Luckily the captain was able to steal his hyperspace coordinates first. The crew and the starfighters landed on a nearby planet to repair the Testudines and get it hyperspace ready. The commander introduced himself as Biggs Darklighter and informed them the Imperials may be on their tail. After repairing the Testudines the crew and the starfighters left to join up with the devastated rebel fleet. Upon arriving at the fleet two days later, the crew could see two heavily damaged cruisers. The Testudines landed on one of the cruisers and the twins were dropped off. The crew was then given a couple of hours before the Testudines was ready to leave and recover the Huttlet and Yargle. Juran and Sadie quickly ran into Yargle though and Yargle was unable to tell them how he arrived at the Rebel fleet. Samuel and Zilvad went to the medical bay to help with treating the injured. Upon entering the medical bay they were immediately confronted with various horrific injuries as many had sever burns and lost limbs.

While leaving the medical bay Samuel was confronted by a cloaked individual who introduce himself as Luke Skywalker. Luke offered to train Samuel formally at the new school Luke was forming. Samuel declined and returned to the ship. Upon arriving back at the ship Samuel found a pyramidal device on his bed. After some investigation he was able to use the force to move pieces around and activate it. A hologram of his master appeared and Samuel quickly realized this was a holocron created by his master. The captain informed the crew that the Huttlet was taken to a Hutt on Mandalore. It took the crew a couple of days but upon arriving they decided to have Zilvad create a diversion by keeping the Hutt occupied while the captain and Sadie infiltrated the palace. When the crew entered the palace they realized this Hutt lived a lavish lifestyle with many expensive decorations adorning his throne room including banners and tapestries covering the walls. Zilvad brought his tapestry depicting the Ssi-Ruu symbols to barter for information. The Hutt no as Gaeda informed them that he knew of the species it belonged too and believed he had a similar tapestry in storage. After sending an attendant to recover the tapestry, food was brought out for the crew and Yargle was given a couch to lay on and be fed. Zilvad was presented with authentic Chiss food without request. While the rest of the crew was talking the the Hutt, the captain and Sadie were entering through the back. After knocking out a guard the captain asked Sadie to impersonate the guard, revealing that he knew what species she was.

The captain and Sadie were able to infiltrate the palace and find the room with the Huttlet in it. The Huttlet was guarded by to Mandalorians dressed in formal battle armor. The captain attempted to lure both guards away but only one followed. Sadie then attempted to talk her way passed the other but failed miserably. The guard gave chase to Sadie and after losing the guard Sadie returned to the Huttlet’s room to discover the Huttlet missing. The rest of the crew was presented with a tapestry similar to Zilvad’s but with a blue base color instead of red.and depicting a different symbol. After a price was listed the alarm went off and the crew left the palace. Yargle was allowed to keep a bowl of Frogs brought out for him. After arriving at the ship the captain and Sadie were not far behind the rest of the crew. The captain simply walked over to Yargle and plucked the Huttlet he had concealed in the bowl, and was relieved Yargle had not noticed it while in the palace. The crew then made the two day journey to Mygeeto to finally deliver the Huttlet.

Total travel time: 12 days

Raiders of the Water Farm
Sand People, Sans Life

Zilvad begins by proposing two option to make some money to the crew. The first option involves helping a homestead in defense of Tuskan Raider attacks. The second involved looking for work from Jabba the Hutt. After some deliberation and some insight from the captain the crew decided to go to the homestead and aid them in defense of there moisture vaporators. The crew took the skiff out to the homestead and landed in the center court. A man greeted them and inquired about the crews presence at his homestead, only to act surprised when the crew informed him that they were there to help with the Tusken Raiders. The leader of the Homestead had not put out any official requests for help and had little of actual value to pay them with. As the crew sat down to a meal of Womp Rat steak with Yurgle getting the head, the head of the Homestead told them what he could offer them. All the Homesteader could offer was 800 credits, 20 imperial blasters, a pilot droid, and a protocol droid. The crew accepted and agreed to wait at the homestead until the alarm went off alerting them of a Tusken Raider attack.

Early the next morning the crew awoke to the alarm and the Homesteader informing them of the location of the attack. Upon arriving in the skiff the crew noticed two Banthas and upon slightly closer inspection, three figures poorly hidden underneath cloaks. The captain pointed one of them out to Yargle who attacked the hidden Tusken Raider witha ferociousness the crew had not seen out of the gentle giant. Yargle picked up the Tusken Raider and snapped him in half. The sound of the Tusken Raider’s spine breaking caused the other two to jump up and attack. The crew had the obvious advantage on the Tusken Raiders causing them to flee to the potential safety of the Banthas. Yargle took on one of the Banthas while the rest of the crew took on the other. During the fight Samuel was critically injured and the sole remaining Tusken Raider began to carry Samuel away while on top of the Bantha. While in pursuit five more Tusken Raiders rose out of the sand to cover the escape. The captain, having finally got the heavy blaster out of storage on the skiff eliminated three of the five Raiders outright. The crew managed to eliminate the others and stop the Bantha running off with Samuel. After recovering Samuel the crew returned to the Homestead to provide a stable location to treat his serious injuries. Zilvad performed surgery with the help of one of the members of the homestead to reset some of Samuel’s broken bones and repair the damage to one of Samuel’s lungs that was almost punctured. After several hours Zilvad managed to stabilize Samuel to the point that he was out of danger.

While Samuel was being worked on the captain and Yargle went back out to check the bodies to make sure all the Tusken Raiders were dead, having not had time to do so right after the fight. Upon arriving at the scene of the fight, they found four sets of tracks dragging other things off into the distance. After a short tracking period they lost sight of the prints because of the constantly shifting sands. After returning to the Homestead and informing the leader the crew were informed that the living Tusken Raiders would possibly return in greater numbers to exact revenge and eliminate a possible threat to there clan. The crew was then faced with the dilemma of fighting the Raiders on their own, despite the heavy injuries they sustained from the raiding party, or seeking help from an outside source. The Homesteaders were set on paying Jabba for the services of one of his bounty hunters in stopping the Tusken Raiders. After learning of the Homesteaders intentions the crew and captain decided to approach Jabba themselves after feeling responsible for the Homesteaders current situation.

During the confusion of patching up Samuel, the albino Gizka named Birdy escaped from Sadie and Juran’s room. The smell of the Gizka began to flow through the ship sparking Yargle’s attention. After tracking it down Yargle managed to catch it and tried to eat it. While raising it to his mouth Yargle was thrown backwards, dropping the Gizka in surprise. After chasing it some more and catching it in his mouth Yargle was thrown back again. The crew was now painfully aware of the presence of the Square Gizka and its ability to use the force. After much arguing and instruction from the captain the crew went to sleep for the night.

All of the crew, with the exception of Sadie, went to Jabba’s Palace with the Homesteaders bartering supplies. Upon entering the palace they almost immediately noticed the lack of noise and activity, along with some spaces along the wall where something obviously should have been but wasn’t. Upon entering the throne room, they saw a Gran and a Sulustan filling bags with random trinkets and decorative pieces. The Sulustan immediately ran but the Gran stayed put and inquired of the crews presence. The Gran informed the crew that Jabba was dead along with all of his bounty hunters when Jabba’s sail barge blew up over The Great Pit of Carcoon two days ago. The Gran left and the crew began searching Jabba’s Palace for anything of worth. Zilvad rescued a Gonk droid that was stuck in a torture machine, and gained a Gonk droid that was very grateful. Yargle discovered the remains of the dead Rancor and decided see if it tasted good. On their way out of Jabba’s Palace, the crew ran into a human male dressed in armor and carrying a blaster rifle. The man had heard them mention the need to find a bounty hunter introduced himself as Dengar and offered his and his partner’s services in exchange for transportation to a remote planet to pick up a spare ship. After agreeing with the conditions of not bounty hunting anyone on the crew everyone made their way out of Jabba’s Palace. In the entry hallway a cloaked figure with its face covered by goggles and a respiratory mask was waiting to join Dengar and the group.

Upon returning to the Homestead, the captain, Dengar, and the head of the homestead discussed the information about the Tusken Raiders. Dengar and the cloaked figure borrowed the skiff and left to deal with the Tusken Raiders, saying they would return the next day. The next day the two returned and informed the Homesteaders that the three Raider clans would not be giving them anymore problems. The crew suspected that the two bounty hunters had simply killed everyone in the three clans. This was only reinforced when Juran asked if there were women and little Raiders, to which Dengar responded with, “What did you think a clan was?” The crew spent a couple of days traveling to the location that Dengar gave them and arrived at a small planetoid in an uninhabited system. After dropping the two off the crew saw a Firespray leave the planetoid that the captain identified as being similar to the ship that Bobba Fett flew, who had supposedly died with the rest of Jabba’s men. The crew then made there way to Nar Shaddaa to unload some of their loot from Jabba’s palace.

On Nar Shaddaa, the captain took the crew to a shopped simply named Uncle Yurgi. The shop was odd in that it carried items of various unknown origins. After selling what they had found the crew did a little shopping and discovered that the shop owner had everything they were looking for. Yargle purchased a stuffed Motmot to help cure his homesickness. Zilvad purchased a tapestry with writing he recognized as being Ssi-Ruuvi. Juran purchased a simple security kit, while Sadie could not afford anything she wanted to purchase. The crew then left the shop while the captain discussed business with the shop owner. Yurgle cause quite a stir while carrying his stuffed Motmot down the street, as many believed it to be real at first glance. The captain left the shop and informed the crew that their next mission had to do with a Hutt.

The crew arrived at the home of the Hutt, and entered to find a large Hutt lying on a large couch being hand fed small animals by servants. Seeing these small animals peeked Yargles interested and the Hutt had another couch brought out so Yargle could be hand fed small animals also. The Hutt reached into a pouch in his body and extracted a small fleshy mass the crew was able to identify as a Huttlet. The Hutt informed them that the Huttlet, that was 85 years old, was to be delivered to his cousins for safe keeping as the Huttlet’s life was in danger from outside sources. The crew accepted the job and returned to the ship. Yargle’s interest in eating the Huttlet was stopped by the Huttlets constant flatuence and burping. The crew made preparations to deliver the Huttlet to its new home and ended another day.

Total Time: 7 days


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