He's Big. He's Strong. He's Stupid. But He's Got A Heart Of Gold. Oh, He's Hungry Too.


Race: Whiphid
Fur: White
Level: Seven
Weapon: Fist

HP: 105
Fort: 25
Ref: 24
Will: 15

Current Possessions:
Large stuffed Mot Mot named Wooly
Captain Gorge’s Urn

Biggest Accomplishment:
Learning to speak basic and becoming “civilized” in the process.

Biggest Regret:
Failing Captain Gorge.

Discover a way to bring back Captain Gorge.
Convince his comrades to stop visiting that horrid desert planet.


Yargle was born with a mind comparable to that of an Alderaanian Nerf. Being intellectually inferior to his peers, he quickly became a target and was often the subject of excessive ribbing. While Yargle may not have been a prodigy, he began to develop into an amazing physical specimen. By the time he was reaching adolescence, Yargle was already surpassing the tribal Spearmasters in both height and weight. This of course infuriated the Spearmasters, and only caused further ridicule and torment. Weary and saddened by the constant harassment, young Yargle began to disconnect, and isolate himself from the tribe.

Yargle spent the next several years listlessly traipsing about the Toolaian wastes. Whenever hunger struck him, which was more often than not, Yargle engaged in the hunt for the native Snow Demons and massive Motmots.

On a particularly blustery day, Yargle watched as a colossal bird came down from the sky. This of course was not really a bird, but the space ship of Captain Gorge, who had landed with intentions of trading for some exotic fish with the local fisherman. Moving in for a closer look, Yargle discovered that it was some sort of strange cave. The smells emanating from within were tantalizing. Seeing no one around, Yargle decided to navigate this bizarre cave system. In short time, thanks in part to his acute sense of smell, Yargle located the epicenter of the aroma. Inside the ships cargo hold, which Captain Gorge had neglectfully left open, were dozens of containers nearly as large as he was. Upon peering inside, Yargle found a plethora of fresh meat. Ecstatic, as he had not had a feast of such magnitude in some time, Yargle began to gorge. Before too long, Yargle became tired, and laid down for a nap behind the boxes. By the time Captain Gorge made his return and locked up the ship, Yargle was fast asleep.

Morning came round, and after stretching about and eating up a barrel of his favorite fish, which had suddenly and magically appeared from nowhere, poor Yargle became very confused. The cave that had provided him with a magnificent feast and delightfully restful nap, had mysteriously closed in on him. The entrance to this section of the cave was just gone. Frightened, Yargle panicked and began to howl in his deep baritone growl. In turn, this woke the Captain with a cold chill as he jumped from his bed and feverishly put his clothes on. As the Captain and a few of the droids arrived on the seen, Yargle had already punched his left arm through the cargo door and was proceeding to rip it apart. Gorge could do nothing but stand in shock as the door was ripped from its fixture and tossed down the hall. Before him stood an 8’8, 500lb weapon of mass destruction. Eat your heart out W.

The droids quickly searched their data bases to figure out exactly what this creature was, as well as an appropriate language in which to communicate with the beast. After a heart racing twenty minutes of diplomatic banter between the droids and the frighted and angry beast, Yargle finally began to calm down. Still weary of the droids, as he had never encountered a mechanical being before, he slowly began to open up and tell the story of how he had gotten on the ship. The Captain, awestruck at sheer might of the beast, knew what he had to do. No one could possibly stand in his way with this monster by his side. The droids convinced Yargle to accompany them on their journey, and it wasn’t terribly difficult to do so. As soon as he was offered an unlimited supply of food, he eagerly agreed to join their odd, yet interesting tribe.

Yargle spent the next year traveling about with the Captain and his droids. Painstakingly and slowly, the droids were able to teach Yargle a very broken form of basic, so that he was more easily able to communicate with Captain Gorge. Among the new tongue, the mechanical tribesmen taught many new skills. Most of them, Yargle was not thrilled about. Apparently, he was now required to do his business in a specific part of the cave, and everything was supposed to go in a tiny hole set into a small chair. This was very confusing to Yargle. He liked to do his business in the back of the cave, behind a slew of loud and noisy mechanical things. This act however, made the metal beasts angry. It made them very angry.

The year spent traveling about with his new tribe with the best of his life. The the metal beasts accepted him, the new Spearmaster respected him, and he was never the focus of any jokes. Just when everything seemed to be going perfectly however, as it always does, things changed. The Captain pulled him aside and had a talk with him. Captain Gorge informed Yargle that the tribe would soon be expanding. The prospect of bringing new members into the tribe was exciting, yet made him very nervous at the same time. His past life with his former tribe and family seemed to be so long ago, but the pain and mockery still seemed so fresh. He didn’t want to go through any of that again, but the Captain assured him that everything would work out fine, and he trusted the Captain.


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