Service Droid


T3-M4 is a service droid on the Testudines. Captain Gorge had found T3-M4 and another T3 in a junk yard. After fixing the two droids up, T3-M4 made it very apparent it was not a normal service droid. T3-M4 showed it was more than qualified to take care of the Testudines. With the arrival of the new crew on the Testudines, T3-M4 has found itself having to make sure that none of them mess with the engines or other parts of the ship.

The loss of the captain weighed heavily on T3-M4 but it was in his programming to move on. After reuniting with the crew on their new ship he felt at home again. They may not have the wisdom and talent of the captain but the least T3-M4 could do for Gorge is keep his legacy alive and flying.


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