Jesse Nova

Human / Male / 18 yrs old / Medium / 2 meters / 85 kg / Caucasian / Blue Eyes / Brown Hair


Character Level 7: Jedi Level 7

STR 18
DEX 18
CON 17
INT 18
WIS 18
CHA 17

Hit Points: 102

Fortitude 21
Reflex 22
Will 22

Damage Threshold: 21

Languages (4): Basic, Binary, Huttesse, Sith

Feats (9): Force Sensitivity, Weapon Proficiency (Lightsabers), Weapon Proficiency (Simple Weapons),
Force Training (1), Strong In The Force (H), Skill Focus (Use The Force), Force Regimen Mastery (1),
Weapon Focus (Lightsabers), Force Training (2)

Talents (4): Block, Deflect, Equilibrium, Telepathic Link

Force Powers (10): Detonate (Telekinetic), Farseeing, Drain Energy, Force Slam (Telekinetic), Force Stun,
Mind Shard (Mind-Affecting), Mind Trick (Mind-Affecting), Move Object (Telekinetic), Rebuke,
Sever Force (Light Side)

Force Training Regiments (5): Awaken Force Sensitivity, Quiet The Mind, Telekinetic Practice,
Sparring Practice, Training Remote


The first 15 years of Jesse Nova’s life were rather quiet, dedicated solely to becoming a Jedi Knight along side fellow padawan Odan-Urr. Their instructor was Jedi Master Ooroo, whose praxeum was located on the Outer Rim world of Ossus. While Odan-Urr concentrated on memorizing every scrap of Jedi history and philosphy in his maters library, Jesse focused souly on learning Force Powers and Training Regiments. Perhaps if they had worked together they would have made a formidable and balanced duo; and history might have been written differently, but this is not a story of what ifs.

This is tale of The Great Hyperspace War, and it began when Jedi Master Ooroo started having visions of the decedents of the ancient Dark Jedi Exiles, who had become the Dark Lords of the Sith. Master Ooroo foresaw a great war between the Republic and Sith Empire. He knew the war would be begin on the Deep Core world of Koros Major, and dispatched newly christened Jedi Knight Odan-Urr there to aid Empress Teta in unifying the star system under her rule.

Jori Daragon and her brother Dav would be the ones to accidently discover the Sith Empire, and show them the way back to the Republic. Jori came to Empress Teta to warn her and Master Ooroo of the danger posed by the Sith Empire. They in turn tried to warn the Republic of the impending Sith invasion, but the Senators did not believe that there was any force in the galaxy that could challenge the might of the Republic. Let alone a group mythical exiled Jedi. Empress Teta vowed to Master Ooroo that when the time came her people would be there to aid the Jedi in their struggles, as they had so aided her.

As predicted the Sith came with intentions of conquest to the Koros System, lead by Dark Lord Naga Sadow and his unwilling Sith Apprentice Dav Daragon. On Koro’s sister world of Kirrek the heroes of the Republic made their stand.

Hundreds of Sith battleships blackened out the sky, and thousands of Massassi troops descended onto Kirrek. Odan-Urr despaired, for how could so few defeat such endless legions of evil? Master Ooroo replied with the force, to the best of our abilities. When all seemed lost Master Ooroo was prepared to sacrifice his life to defeat the Sith ground forces. It was then that Jesse had a vision of help arriving and convinced his master that such a sacrifice was unnecessary. Jesse used his unique force power of Detonate (which he refers to as “Tick Tick Boom”) to cover his party members regrouping. Soon enough help did arrive, and the tide of victory was turned in favor of the Republic. The prisoners of Ronika (pirates and rebels of the Koros System) had been released to fight in the war, and now sought freedom and redemption by aiding Empress Teta’s champions.

Master Ooroo offered to instruct Jori in the ways Jedi, and to help her look for her missing brother in Sith space. Little did they know he had been the unwilling second in command of the Sith invasion force. For the next year they diligently searched the now defeated Sith Empire for any sign of Dav Daragon in vain. During that time Jesse and Jori fell in love.

Coming out of hyperspace in an uncharted star system they encountered an ion storm, which damaged their hyperdrive beyond repair. Thankfully though the ship was equipped with cryogen chambers; in which they would spend the next thousand years in cryo-sleep, forgotten by the rest of the galaxy.

They were discovered and rescued by the Arkanian Jedi Master Arca Jeth, whose people had once been slaves of the Sith Empire. It was hard accepting at first that a millennium had indeed past; particularly for Jori who realized that after so long a time Gav was almost certainly dead. She realized though that she had found a new family with Jesse, and the Jedi Order. Master Ooroo and Jesse were reunited with an ancient Odan-Urr. While overjoyed to see their old friend once again, they were somewhat disappointed to see that he had never learned the lesson that a Jedi’s place was among the people, and not hiding in a library. While it is true that a Jedi should not crave adventure or excitement, neither should he run from it to hide in a world of books. In time they grew accustomed to this new era, and the joined the fight against the machinations of its dark side worshipping villians. Whose ranks included the followers of the dark side spirit Freedon Nadd, the Cult of the Krath, and eventually Exar Kun’s New Brotherhood of Sith.

It was during the Great Sith War that Master Ooroo foresaw the destruction of Ossus, and attempted to save as many of the younglings as he could by taking him aboard his ship the Starbreaker 13. Odan-Urr stayed behind, refusing to leave his books, only to killed by the Dark Lord Exar Kun. As Ossus’s sun went nova Jori was forced to take the Starbreaker 13 into a blind hyperspace jump, but not before the ship took damage. When the Starbreaker 13 remerged from hyperspace its hyperdrive overloaded, and was damaged beyond repair. Once again Jesse and his companions found themselves stranded on a ship with a broken hyperdrive. Thankfully the Starbreaker 13, like the Starbreaker 12 before it, was equipped with cryo-chambers.
Only the Force itself knows how long they will remain in cryo-sleep this time, or if they will indeed ever be rescued…

Jesse Nova

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