Eldewn and Elsae Sarvool

Twin force users


9 year old twins.


Suspected of murdering their parents the twins went on the run at a young age. Over the course of several years they honed their force abilities and managed to teach themselves a little in the ways of he force. Shifting from planet to planet to evade capture the twins found themselves on Bothawui by accident after a trader made an unexpected stop. Life was hard being amongst the few humans living on Bothawui, but the arrival of the Testudines and their crew would prove to be exactly what the twins needed. After being cheated out of his payment, Captain Gorge made his rounds with some contacts and soon discovered the presence of the twins on Bothuwai and the two bounties on their head. While trying to inform his crew of the bounty, Samuel and Zilvad discovered the presence of the force using twins and made their way after them. The crew began chase of the twins and cornered them in a warehouse. After a short and bloodless conflict the crew talked the twins into coming aboard the ship and be taken to the rebels for safe keeping.

The twins are cautious of the crew as they have been on the run too long to trust a ship of bounty hunters.

After being dropped off with the rebels and introduced to Luke Skywalker the twins were not sure what to think of training with more strangers. After the school was established they felt very much at home being around others like themselves. They may not be as good with a lightsaber or as calm minded as they should be but when it comes to using the telekinetic based force powers they are not matched by the other students. Even though they have little interest in the ways of the Jedi they are not about to give up the closest thing to a family and home they have had in years.

Eldewn and Elsae Sarvool

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