Captain Gorge

Captain of the Testudines.


Height: 1.75m

Weight: 77kg

Age: 50


Captain Gorge is the owner of the Testudines, a Ghtroc 720 ship. In the hopes of expanding his business opportunities, Captain Gorge seeks out a young inexperienced crew that can grow into the lifestyle of a privateer. The inexperienced crew can easily backfire but Captain Gorge is a risk taker.

The captains first interactions with his new crew prove to be interesting, as the diversity of the children he has taken on varies greatly. His trusted first mate, Yargle, is getting along with the new arrivals better than the captain could hope but as usual Yargle’s appetite is proving to get the best of him. Juran, though a overly peppy girl, is relatively docile and not as troublesome as her energy level would suggest. Zilvad is young and more intelligent then most individuals. His overall attitude seems to suggest a certain superiority over the other crew members and even the captain, even though he shows respect to Captain Gorge. Sadie is a secretive person which lends the captain to be suspicious of her, although he has little fear of her as her secrecy does not seem to imply ill intent towards him and his crew. Samuel seems to be wild card amongst the crew. His attitude suggests a superiority complex that may lead to trouble down the line.

The Captains time with the crew was short but happy for him. When the crew was captured by the Ssi-Ruu he knew he had to do whatever it took to free them. After contacting everyone he could think of he was disappointed that he no one was willing to help him. It had been a long time but he contacted a couple of old bounty hunters and after explaining the situation and exchanging some money they agreed to help. The captain noticed a strange comm frequencies in the log and when he contacted it he was even more surprised at who responded. It did not take much to get this individual to send help. When the two fleets dropped out of hyperspace, Gorge boarded Zann’s ship with some Mandalorian Commandos and they fought there way to the main Ssi-Ruu cruiser the captain had watched his crew get taken to. The Ssi-Ruu were not formidable in combat but they were numerous. The captain and Zann managed to trace were the crew was being held and made there way there. While holding back a line of Ssi-Ruu the captain saw the crew and Zann come down the corridor and start making there way to the ship. Joy filled his heart to know they were all safe, especially Yargle and the knowledge that he was not going to escape no longer bothered him.

Captain Gorge

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