There Goes the Galaxy

I Ssi-Ruu

After landing on Mygeeto the crew was apporached by a couple of armed men that wanted to take the captain with them to see Zenna. The crew proceeded to take the Huttlet to its destination and went outside the city to a large factory. Inside the factory was yet another Hutt who payed them and sent them on there way. Upon returning to the ship they found that the captain had not returned yet and that after tracing his comlink signal they tracked him to a warehouse deep in the city. Sadie was sent in to infiltrate the warehouse and see what they were dealing with. While searching around the building a Heavy Repeater was pushed into her back and she was taken inside. When she arrived inside she could see the captain uncounscious and tied up in the center of the building. Also in the building were Zenna, surrounded by a couple of servents and a large Rancor sitting along another wall wearing a fine silk vest and fine jewelry around its neck and on all its fingers while holding a large fork and spoon with a large stew pot in front of it. After unsuccessfully convincing the Hutt that she was not sneaking around the building Sadie insulted the hut and was thrown in the stew pot. At this point Zilvad and Samuel went to investigate her long dissappearance and a short escape message sent to Zilvad through the force. The two walked into the warehouse with no problems and spoke with Zenna. Zenna had no problems releasing the captain and Zilvad helped him back to the ship. Samuel also used the force to knock over the stew pot successfully releasing Sadie who was disguised as someone else. Samuel was then responsible for replacing the Rancors meal and was sent to find him something more delicious. Samuel found a meat processing plant and managed to buy some Bantha meat. After returning and telling Zenna what he had procurred for his pet Zenna was not impressed. After Samuel told Zenna that a Bantha had severly injured him, Zennas interest peak at the prospect of a revenge dish. A cold plate was brought out and used to chill the meat for the revenge dish so Zenn, Jambi the Rancor, Samuel, and Juran ate the revenge dish. They were let go and upon returning to the ship Juran and Samuel became sick. After some questioning the crew managed to get Sadie to admit that she was a clawdite with little reaction from the crew.

The crew then waited for materials for upgrades and a supply of Durasteel to arrive for there next job. The crew spent seven days in Hyperspace until they arrived at there next destination fo Bakura. After exiting hyperspace the crew found themselves on the outer edge fo a space battle between imperials and an unknown group. Before they could enter hyperspace, they were attacked by several small pyrimidal ships that they could sense human life in them despite the small size of the ships. During the firefight they managed to disable one and bring it aboard the ship and reenter hyperspace. During there two day journey through hyperspace the crew investigated the small vessel more. They managed to locate the human life force energy to two rods and discover that the rods acted as a power source. After reaching out to one of the human presences in the force, Zilvad was overwhelmed with a sense of pain and sadness. Writing on the vessel let Zilvad know that the race that was attacking Bakura were the Ssi-Ruu, a race that his people had been searching for. Towars the end of the trip Sadie removed the two rods causing the twon human presences to die.

After exiting hyperspace they found themselves int he presence of a large battlestation and were caught in a tractor beam. After ejecting the cargo and hiding they were brought on board the space station. While two stormtroopers were investigating the ship Yargle let out a large belch scaring them and then proceeded to brake down his door. The crew were able to knock the two stormtroopers out and then lure the two guards on to the ship giving them enough suits for disguises. They split up with one group going to shut off the tractor beam while another group went to one of the detention blocks to rescue an unamed rebel prisoner. After successfully getting Yargle to the detention block they knocked out the guards and rescued the rebel who turned out to be Princess Leia. The other group successfully shut off the tractor beam and they all returned to the ship and escaped the second Death Star. Right before entering hyperspace a large Imperial fleet exited hyperspace. After two days journey they arrived at Exocron so Zilvad could meet with an old friend and pass on the data they had acquired about the Ssi-Ruu. Jorj Car’das said he would take the information to the Chiss Ascendency but it would take about a month for him to arrive. The crew then left and went to Hoth were they were going to meet up with rebels to return Princess Leia. On Hoth Yargle was finally happy with the climate and enjoyed the week they waited for the rebels to show up.

TTT: 13 days


……………………………The Big White Diary……………………………

“Mmmmmmmm. Snow good. Yargle like snow.”

There Goes the Galaxy

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