The beginning of the end.

The fall of the Ssi-Ruu?

After several hours of waiting, a large ship entered the Maw Cluster. After some communications the crew boarded the Ssi-Ruu vessel and split up. Some of the crew members went to the meeting room to speak with Dev and Bluescale while Sadie and Absus went to the engineering room to try and figure out how to sabotage the vessel. Sadie’s journey down to the engineering room was marked by surprise that they encountered no one on the way down. The crew that followed a small lizard creature to the meeting room were met by Bluescale, a large blue Ssi-Ruu, and Dev who was attached to a chair like structure sticking out of the wall. The talks with Dev were to negotiate how the crew was going to proselytize entechment to the galaxy. The crew met back up on their ship to discuss what they had discovered. A plan was formulated on how to take down Dev and Bluescale and destroy the ship. Sadie and Juran went to the engineering room with T3-M4, while the rest, with the exception of Yargle went to the meeting room. While in the engineering room, T3-M4 was able to slice into the computer and program the ship to fly into one of the black holes. The crew that went to the meeting room talked with Dev for a while until Dachev made the first move. Dachev made an attempt to rip Dev from his emplacement, but was stopped as pain racked his body and he began to feel drained. Sensing this Absus breached Dev’s mind causing Dev’s focus to be diverted. With Dev and Absus battling minds, Dachev was able to remove Dev from his emplacement and the battle ensued. While the crew was split up, Yargle was left to his own devices. Wandering the enemy vessel, Yargle felt an odd urge to go in a certain direction. Yargle was sure there was food this way and continued following his gut. Upon arriving in a room, the urge disappeared. While in the room, Yargle began scrounging for food, but was disappointing when all he found were the hard tasteless machines the other tribe members used on a regular basis. To Yargle’s amazement one of the objects was a picture of his captain. Excited he took the picture with him back to his room and had one of the metal men hang it on the wall of his room. The crew was able to defeat Dev and Bluescale but not before Bluescale detonated a bomb nearly killing Dachev if it were not for the medical intervention of Zilvad. While heading back to their ship the crew noticed that Absus was not with them. Upon returning to the meeting room, Absus’ body was found slumped under the table. With no marks on his body the crew could only assume he was enteched. With everyone back on the ship they began there departure. Outside of the vessel, Rogue Squadron was holding off a small Ssi-Ruu force, which jumped out of the system as soon as the main ship entered the black hole.

With their small lizard captive on board the crew made their way to Bakura to turn the Lizard over to the Empire of the Hand. During the travel the crew interacted with the Lizard and upon there arrival at Bakura, Samuel’s protocol droid informed his master that the little lizard is a P’w’eck and they are a slave species to the Ssi-Ruu and that he is grateful for the crew rescuing him.

TTT: 6 days



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