Tale of the Smelly Stormtroopers

Yargle in the Kitchen :*(

With little to do in the galaxy, the crew decided to take care of some old business and head to Endor to investigate the second Death Star. Upon arriving at Endor, the crew was witnessed a battle between the Galactic Empire and the Ssi-Ruu who had taken over the Death Star. While monitoring the battle the crew heard communications from the empire indicating the battle had been going on for a while. The crew decided to continue with the mission the rebels had originally tried, and destroy the shield generator. After contacting Princess Leia, the crew went to Sullust to acquire some explosives to blow up the shield generator. After returning with the explosives the crew landed the vessel on Endor and the crew made their journey to the shield generator. While standing on a hill overlooking the shield generator arguing, they were confronted by ten stormtroopers. The stormtrooper commander and Samuel argued for a bit and then the stormtrooper commander made the offer to assist them in exchange for transportation to the Empire of the Hand. The crew and the Stormtroopers formulated a plan to get past the Ssi-Ruu battle droids and blow up the facility. While approaching the rear entrance to the facility the battledroids were alerted and the stromtroopers stayed behind to defend the exit point. The crew entered the shield generator and encountered some more battle droids. During the combat T3-M4 placed explosives and after the battle was over the crew left the facility and with the remaining Stormtroopers, boarded the ship and left the forest moon of Endor. With the shield down the Empire made a push towards the Death Star only to be fired on by the super weapon causing the fleet to retreat.

After returning Bakura the crew took on several jobs. Upon arriving back at the ship the crew was confronted by Zahn and twenty bounty hunters. Zahn revealed to the crew that he was hired to bring them in after they leaked information about Point Nadir and ruining a lot of peoples business, including Zahn’s. The crew were confined to quarters while in transit, Yargle being the only one allowed to roam the ship. Yargle took the opportunity to try and cook some of his own food only to create a ruckus in the kitchen. After arriving at their destination, the crew was lead off the ship to holding cells only to notice that Juran was not with them.

TTT: 10 days


I can’t believe you left out the most important part of the session. The debut of the Wookietubbies! Or was is it the Telewookies? Possibly the Mighty Morphin Wookie Rangers.

Tale of the Smelly Stormtroopers

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