Raiders of the Water Farm

Sand People, Sans Life

Zilvad begins by proposing two option to make some money to the crew. The first option involves helping a homestead in defense of Tuskan Raider attacks. The second involved looking for work from Jabba the Hutt. After some deliberation and some insight from the captain the crew decided to go to the homestead and aid them in defense of there moisture vaporators. The crew took the skiff out to the homestead and landed in the center court. A man greeted them and inquired about the crews presence at his homestead, only to act surprised when the crew informed him that they were there to help with the Tusken Raiders. The leader of the Homestead had not put out any official requests for help and had little of actual value to pay them with. As the crew sat down to a meal of Womp Rat steak with Yurgle getting the head, the head of the Homestead told them what he could offer them. All the Homesteader could offer was 800 credits, 20 imperial blasters, a pilot droid, and a protocol droid. The crew accepted and agreed to wait at the homestead until the alarm went off alerting them of a Tusken Raider attack.

Early the next morning the crew awoke to the alarm and the Homesteader informing them of the location of the attack. Upon arriving in the skiff the crew noticed two Banthas and upon slightly closer inspection, three figures poorly hidden underneath cloaks. The captain pointed one of them out to Yargle who attacked the hidden Tusken Raider witha ferociousness the crew had not seen out of the gentle giant. Yargle picked up the Tusken Raider and snapped him in half. The sound of the Tusken Raider’s spine breaking caused the other two to jump up and attack. The crew had the obvious advantage on the Tusken Raiders causing them to flee to the potential safety of the Banthas. Yargle took on one of the Banthas while the rest of the crew took on the other. During the fight Samuel was critically injured and the sole remaining Tusken Raider began to carry Samuel away while on top of the Bantha. While in pursuit five more Tusken Raiders rose out of the sand to cover the escape. The captain, having finally got the heavy blaster out of storage on the skiff eliminated three of the five Raiders outright. The crew managed to eliminate the others and stop the Bantha running off with Samuel. After recovering Samuel the crew returned to the Homestead to provide a stable location to treat his serious injuries. Zilvad performed surgery with the help of one of the members of the homestead to reset some of Samuel’s broken bones and repair the damage to one of Samuel’s lungs that was almost punctured. After several hours Zilvad managed to stabilize Samuel to the point that he was out of danger.

While Samuel was being worked on the captain and Yargle went back out to check the bodies to make sure all the Tusken Raiders were dead, having not had time to do so right after the fight. Upon arriving at the scene of the fight, they found four sets of tracks dragging other things off into the distance. After a short tracking period they lost sight of the prints because of the constantly shifting sands. After returning to the Homestead and informing the leader the crew were informed that the living Tusken Raiders would possibly return in greater numbers to exact revenge and eliminate a possible threat to there clan. The crew was then faced with the dilemma of fighting the Raiders on their own, despite the heavy injuries they sustained from the raiding party, or seeking help from an outside source. The Homesteaders were set on paying Jabba for the services of one of his bounty hunters in stopping the Tusken Raiders. After learning of the Homesteaders intentions the crew and captain decided to approach Jabba themselves after feeling responsible for the Homesteaders current situation.

During the confusion of patching up Samuel, the albino Gizka named Birdy escaped from Sadie and Juran’s room. The smell of the Gizka began to flow through the ship sparking Yargle’s attention. After tracking it down Yargle managed to catch it and tried to eat it. While raising it to his mouth Yargle was thrown backwards, dropping the Gizka in surprise. After chasing it some more and catching it in his mouth Yargle was thrown back again. The crew was now painfully aware of the presence of the Square Gizka and its ability to use the force. After much arguing and instruction from the captain the crew went to sleep for the night.

All of the crew, with the exception of Sadie, went to Jabba’s Palace with the Homesteaders bartering supplies. Upon entering the palace they almost immediately noticed the lack of noise and activity, along with some spaces along the wall where something obviously should have been but wasn’t. Upon entering the throne room, they saw a Gran and a Sulustan filling bags with random trinkets and decorative pieces. The Sulustan immediately ran but the Gran stayed put and inquired of the crews presence. The Gran informed the crew that Jabba was dead along with all of his bounty hunters when Jabba’s sail barge blew up over The Great Pit of Carcoon two days ago. The Gran left and the crew began searching Jabba’s Palace for anything of worth. Zilvad rescued a Gonk droid that was stuck in a torture machine, and gained a Gonk droid that was very grateful. Yargle discovered the remains of the dead Rancor and decided see if it tasted good. On their way out of Jabba’s Palace, the crew ran into a human male dressed in armor and carrying a blaster rifle. The man had heard them mention the need to find a bounty hunter introduced himself as Dengar and offered his and his partner’s services in exchange for transportation to a remote planet to pick up a spare ship. After agreeing with the conditions of not bounty hunting anyone on the crew everyone made their way out of Jabba’s Palace. In the entry hallway a cloaked figure with its face covered by goggles and a respiratory mask was waiting to join Dengar and the group.

Upon returning to the Homestead, the captain, Dengar, and the head of the homestead discussed the information about the Tusken Raiders. Dengar and the cloaked figure borrowed the skiff and left to deal with the Tusken Raiders, saying they would return the next day. The next day the two returned and informed the Homesteaders that the three Raider clans would not be giving them anymore problems. The crew suspected that the two bounty hunters had simply killed everyone in the three clans. This was only reinforced when Juran asked if there were women and little Raiders, to which Dengar responded with, “What did you think a clan was?” The crew spent a couple of days traveling to the location that Dengar gave them and arrived at a small planetoid in an uninhabited system. After dropping the two off the crew saw a Firespray leave the planetoid that the captain identified as being similar to the ship that Bobba Fett flew, who had supposedly died with the rest of Jabba’s men. The crew then made there way to Nar Shaddaa to unload some of their loot from Jabba’s palace.

On Nar Shaddaa, the captain took the crew to a shopped simply named Uncle Yurgi. The shop was odd in that it carried items of various unknown origins. After selling what they had found the crew did a little shopping and discovered that the shop owner had everything they were looking for. Yargle purchased a stuffed Motmot to help cure his homesickness. Zilvad purchased a tapestry with writing he recognized as being Ssi-Ruuvi. Juran purchased a simple security kit, while Sadie could not afford anything she wanted to purchase. The crew then left the shop while the captain discussed business with the shop owner. Yurgle cause quite a stir while carrying his stuffed Motmot down the street, as many believed it to be real at first glance. The captain left the shop and informed the crew that their next mission had to do with a Hutt.

The crew arrived at the home of the Hutt, and entered to find a large Hutt lying on a large couch being hand fed small animals by servants. Seeing these small animals peeked Yargles interested and the Hutt had another couch brought out so Yargle could be hand fed small animals also. The Hutt reached into a pouch in his body and extracted a small fleshy mass the crew was able to identify as a Huttlet. The Hutt informed them that the Huttlet, that was 85 years old, was to be delivered to his cousins for safe keeping as the Huttlet’s life was in danger from outside sources. The crew accepted the job and returned to the ship. Yargle’s interest in eating the Huttlet was stopped by the Huttlets constant flatuence and burping. The crew made preparations to deliver the Huttlet to its new home and ended another day.

Total Time: 7 days


.................................The Big White Diary.................................

Yargle is vastly confused as to how a creature so tiny, can become so powerful. In all Yargle’s years spent roaming the tundra, he never encountered such power. The only thing even close, was the sheer might of the great Mot Mot. This must be the answer. This strange, delicious creature, is some odd new breed of Mot Mot. It must have followed Yargle from his home world, and is now challenging his skills. The hunt is on.

Raiders of the Water Farm

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