Pleasure Planet

Where all your childhood fantasies are consumed.

After finishing upgrades to their ship, the crew recieved a message from Yurgi asking them to return to Nar Shaddaa for another job. When they returned to Nar Shaddaa and spoke to Yurgi they were given an offer to discover what was “haunting” his pleasure planet. The crew was also told to find one of his employees he already sent there to investigate but he never heard from. The crew accepted and left the shop. As the crew was heading back to the ship they noticed that all of Yargle’s fliers looking for information on Captain Gorge had been put up in places Yargle hadn’t placed them. Samuel remembered something he meant to do and went back to Yurgi to ask where he could hire someone to play the part of their captain. Yurgi gave him an address and Sam went there to find a struggling Hutt performing a play to no one in the audience. Sam hired the Hutt who returned to the ship with him.

The crew left for the Pleasure Planet and arrived to find it completely empty of customers. After exiting the ship the crew was greeted by the other person Yurgi sent. He briefed them on what he found out and they went into the park to investigate. While investigating A rest area the crew discovered a dead body in the male employee changing room. After some investigation the crew was able to discover some discrepancies in the the census numbers for the park a couple of days before the the park shut down. The crew was also able to pinpoint several badges that had entered areas but not any others about the same time. The crew went to investigate a museum on the Sith war and were attacked by 3 crystal beast. After defeating them the crew found T3-M4 wandering looking sad and nostalgic. Some of the crew decided to go and investigate one of the wildlife exhibits while they others went to a security station. While at the security station Zilvad attempted to shut down all badges and create new ones. He was able to shut down all badges but was unable to create new badges so the rest of the crew was locked in the exhibit. Zilvad contacted Yurgi who authorized the creation of badges for them. Zilvad returned to the exhibit with the rest of the crew and there investigation continued.

While in the wildlife exhibit the crew encountered an individual hiding in the brush and began chase. While combating the person Samuel was able to hold him in the force as they pulled back the cloak to reveal a Twi’lek. The Twi’lek escaped and ran again, this time displaying force ability to get away. After realizing they were outmatched by a force user, Sadie remembered a conversation with Zann about him hunting force users and they contacted him. Zann had followed them to the planet expecting the problem to be with a force user. Zann landed through the security defense network and tracked the force user. The fight ended quickly with Zann the victor. Zann bound the force user and the crew gave him the locations of five other badges that might indicate others. Zann went to the other areas while the crew returned to their ship. After a short period Zann returned with three more people bound like the first and reported that the fifth was a dead security guard. Zann then left planet while the crew decided to stay and investigate further.


……………………………*The Big White Diary*……………………………


Pleasure Planet

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