Noble loss

Noble action

The crew having decided to start to do good in the galaxy on a larger scale they sought out some nobles on Bakura in the hopes of gaining contacts for honest work. The nobles they spoke to were looking to get a family heirloom back. The nobles gave them the name of the person who had stolen the item along with a picture of them. The nobles cared little about what happened to the thief they just wanted their heirloom back. After some research the crew determined that the thief, named Wald, frequent a very hard to find shadowport named Point Nadir. The crew decided that this mission would not be worth the effort put into it so they returned to the nobles and informed them that without seeing security footage of the robbery they would not be able to solve the crime. The nobles refused to provide the security footage but purchased the name of the shadowport from the crew and the crew left the nobles home.

Without that little bit of work to do, the crew had to search elsewhere for work. They went to one of the main spaceports involving traffic in and out of the Unknown Regions and found some cargo missions to deliver cargo to the Planet Adumar. After dropping off the cargo they picked up more cargo to be delivered to Bakura. The crew was mainly transporting spices and cultural items. They picked up a rather large shipping of Blastswords to be delivered also. Upon returning and dropping off all their cargo and discovering that the blastswords were to be delivered to the Mandalorians. After all the cargo was delivered they began to search for more work which led to the discovery of the nobles death. The crew decided to investigate the couple’s death and went to their home. Upon arriving they found the house completely barren. During their searching Yargle discovered the scent of a blood trail. The trail took Yargle into the backyard where he proceded to dig and find a datapad with the words Comet Rush 9376. The crew determined that this was the location of Point Nadir and that the couple was murdered for that knowledge. After some work, T3-M4 was able to determine the location of the comet which they promptly passed that information to the Mandalorians, Empire of the Hand, Galactic Empire, and every Hutt clan they ever met. Shortly after sending the information, the Mandalorian cruiser above Bakura left the system.

TTT: 30 days



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