I Ssi-Ruu 2

They're back

It did not take the crew long to determine that no course of action on the planet would help them find out who the fifth person was and were the Holocron was taken. The crew decided to return to Nar Shaddaa and inform Yurgi of their findings. Yurgi was not alarmed at the slightest of the events that occurred at his amusement park. Yurgi paid the group and then appeared worried at the fact that Zann turned the four captured force users over to the empire. The crew returned to there ship and Samuel sent the Hutt captain out to get them a mission. The rest of the crew was not happy at the concept of the Hutt going out and looking for the job for security reasons. While the Hutt was away there was a ruckus outside of the ship. Upon investigating the ruckus the crew saw three Imperial Inquisitors and about fifty Stormtroopers. After the crew realized the Stormtroopers were heading in the direction of Yurgi’s shop some of them went out to investigate. The Stormtroopers had stopped outside of the shop and formed a perimeter. After hacking into the imperial frequency the crew was able to hear loud screaming followed by a flaming body being thrown from the shop. A large humanoid fire creature walked out of the shop and began attacking the Stormtroopers. After bombers destroyed the shop and the buildings around it the citizens began to return to the area. Some of the crew stayed behind for the cleanup efforts while the others returned to the ship.

Back at the ship the Hutt had returned with another mission for the crew. The mission was to deliver repulsorlifts to Bakura. Not happy at the concept of potentially smuggling contraband the crew begrudgingly accepted his offer. The crew got ready to leave for Bakura and after a long trip arrived to hear news of the Second Ssi-Ruu invasion. The crew landed and began unloading their cargo. While the cargo was being unloaded, part of the Ssi-Ruu fleet arrived above Bakura. The crew finished unloading there supplies and began to take on refugees. Those that were force sensitive felt a strong force presence about a kilometer away from the ship. While the refugees were still being loaded up, Ssi-Ruu starfighters began attacking ships trying to leave the planet. While leaving the crew could see several landing craft heading in the direction they felt the force presence. The crew managed to escape Bakura, before leaving four large Mandalorian ships entered the system and began attacking the Ssi-Ruu fleet. The crew plotted a course for Cerea and made the hyperspace jump. After arriving at Cerea and unloading the refugees they received news that Ssi-Ruu invasion fleet had retreated. Some of the refugees returned to Bakura othes spread out to other areas of the galaxy.

The crew returned to Bakura so that Zilvad could talk to hire ups in the Empire of the Hand. While Zilvad was off to talk to his contacts, Yargle, Sadie, and Juran went hunting in the north pole of Bakura. They encountered two creatures in a cave that attacked them and the three managed to kill them. Upon entering further into the cave they discovered two smaller creatures that appeared to be young of the two larger creatures they killed.

TTT: 9days


……………………………*The Big White Diary*……………………………

Nobody told me we did battle with a Fire Elemental. How could you let me miss that!
Yargle angry.

I Ssi-Ruu 2

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